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What is your leadership style?

Updated: May 26

Leadership style

I always found it somehow challenging to answer this often-asked interview question because:

  • It is hard to condense a potentially long and nuanced response within a few short minutes.

  • There is a high risk of giving an answer that may come across as too vague and overly generalized.

A change of perspective helped me frame my answer in a completely different way. 💡

Instead of considering my leadership style in isolation, I zoomed out and started reflecting on:

  • The Destination. The culture, organization, team, relationships, etc. I want to build and then foster.

  • The journey. How, and to what extent, my leadership style, behaviors, and beliefs can contribute to getting closer to the destination.

This new framing not only helped me craft a more effective, structured, and specific answer but also triggered a self-reflection about the impacts and implications of my actions and behaviors as a leader.

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